"Think like a millionaire"

"Think like a millionaire" - V.I.P Digital Presence

The greatest misconception about being wealthy is that you have to flaunt your wealth to show individuals that you're wealthy. Believe it or not, there might be millionaire families on your street and you'd never know it.
That's because most millionaires look like regular individuals who don't flaunt their wealth. They own regular houses and automobiles. They might have a few luxuries but most average millionaires can't be spotted on a daily basis as they prefer it to be that way and don't show off their wealth. You have to memorize the difference between an asset and a financial obligation. An asset is something that puts cash in your pocket without you having to execute much work for it.

A financial obligation is something that takes cash out of your pockets and doesn't put cash in your pocket. If you wish to be wealthy, you demand to acquire as many assets as possible and do away with as many financial obligations as possible. The wealthy are concerned with educating their youngsters on the importance of having a good financial education as opposed to a common, more traditional education youngsters are taught in school.

They know their youngsters aren't going to study financial skills in school on how to produce cash with their ideas and businesses or learn the info they require to get wealthy and stay that way. Consequently, you need to teach your youngster the real rules of cash and value that education a bit more than a college education. I'm not telling you to tell your youngster not to go to school. I'm telling you to instruct them in the importance of having a great financial education.

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