Melody CuddleRhythm Player

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Présentation du Melody CuddleRhythm Player, une machine sonore en peluche unique conçue pour réconforter votre bébé. Son mouvement respiratoire rythmé, sa musique apaisante, ses effets sonores et ses lumières douces créent un environnement apaisant pendant 30 minutes maximum. Avec un visage doux, des tissus super douillets et une queue satinée, le Melody CuddleRhythm Player est le compagnon câlin idéal pour votre tout-petit.

Frequently asked questions

How does the CuddleRHYTHM Player mimic the rhythmic motion of breathing?

The CuddleRHYTHM Player is designed with a mechanism that creates a gentle, rhythmic motion resembling breathing, which can naturally soothe individuals of all ages.

Can I customize the sounds and music played by the CuddleRHYTHM Player?

Yes, the CuddleRHYTHM Player is customizable, allowing you to play up to 30 minutes of music and sounds. It also features volume control to adjust the sound level and soft lights for additional soothing.

Is the CuddleRHYTHM Player washable?

Yes, the CuddleRHYTHM Player features extra-soft fabrics that are machine washable. However, it's important to remove the electronics before washing to ensure the longevity of the product.

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