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Le MiniVista Probeam HD est un mini projecteur avancé offrant des visuels exceptionnels, un son net et une connectivité polyvalente. Avec une résolution native de 1280*720P, la prise en charge des vidéos Full HD 4K et un haut-parleur HiFi 3W1 intégré, il offre une expérience audiovisuelle de haute qualité. La conception intelligente du projecteur, notamment un support rotatif à 180 degrés, et des fonctionnalités conviviales améliorent la flexibilité et l'adaptabilité à divers paramètres. Profitez d'une taille d'écran allant jusqu'à 130 pouces et améliorez votre divertissement avec ce projecteur élégant et puissant.

Frequently asked questions

How portable is the MiniVista Probeam, and where can I use it?

The MiniVista Probeam is designed to be compact and portable, allowing you to set it up in various locations such as your backyard, bedroom, or den, for movie nights anywhere you desire! 

Can I watch Netflix?

Certainly! The MiniVista Probeam operates on the Android 11.0 platform, enabling you to easily install Netflix and other streaming apps directly from the Google Play Store. You won't require additional streaming devices like Fire TV or Chromecast. After connecting the projector to Wi-Fi and signing in to your Netflix account, you're ready to enjoy uninterrupted viewing of your beloved shows and movies on the large screen.

Do I have to purchase additional items like a Fire TV to stream Netflix, or can I use my phone instead?

No, you don't need to purchase separate items like a Fire TV. The MiniVista Probeam features a built-in Android operating system that lets you directly access and stream from apps such as Netflix via the Google Play Store. Additionally, its wireless casting capability allows you to effortlessly mirror content from your phone or compatible devices. It's a versatile, all-inclusive solution for all your streaming requirements!

Is the setup of the MiniVista Probeam easy to handle?

Absolutely! Setting up our MiniVista Probeam is a breeze with its user-friendly design. Just plug and play, and you're all set for your movie night!

What options do I have for audio, and can I connect external speakers?

You can enjoy crisp and clear audio with the built-in speaker that comes with your projector, and you also have the option to connect external speakers or headphones for an exceptional sound experience!

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