PullGuard LeashMate

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⚙️ Versatile & Durable, Hands-Free

⚙️ Automatic Release & Lock,  🌤️ All-Season Comfort


Introducing the PullGuard LeashMate, a revolutionary 2-in-1 solution crafted to redefine your dog's outdoor adventures.


Material: Durable Nylon

Type: Retractable Harness

    Key Features:

    1. Hands-Free Freedom: Crafted from premium nylon, the PullGuard LeashMate seamlessly integrates a retractable leash mechanism into the vest, granting you hands-free freedom while keeping your furry friend close and secure.

    2. Advanced Breakaway Feature: Equipped with an advanced Breakaway feature, this harness automatically locks the leash in the event of sudden acceleration or pulling, providing an additional layer of safety and peace of mind.

    3. Automatic Release Mechanism: Enjoy a smooth and comfortable walking experience with the PullGuard LeashMate's automatic release mechanism. Say goodbye to fumbling with leash locks - every outing is effortless and enjoyable.

    4. All-Season Comfort: Designed for all seasons, the harness features a breathable mesh lining that keeps your dog cool and comfortable during daily walks, training sessions, or adventurous hikes.

    5. Adjustable Fit: The PullGuard LeashMate boasts adjustable shoulder and chest straps, guaranteeing a snug and personalized fit for dogs of various sizes, from petite pups to majestic giants.

    6. Versatile and Durable: Elevate your dog's outdoor experience with this versatile and durable harness, recommended for breeds ranging from Huskies to Labradors. Prioritize safety and comfort while making a style statement with this uniquely designed gear.

    Experience the convenience and security of the PullGuard LeashMate - because every outdoor adventure with your furry companion should be worry-free and enjoyable!

    Frequently asked questions

    How do I find the right size for the dog?

    Use our detailed size chart in description to find the perfect fit for you dog.

    How does the hands-free operation work with the PullGuard LeashMate?

    The PullGuard LeashMate features a retractable leash mechanism integrated directly into the vest. This allows you to enjoy hands-free freedom while keeping your dog secure. The leash automatically adjusts as your dog moves, providing convenience and ease during walks or outdoor activities.

    What makes the PullGuard LeashMate safe for my dog?

    Safety is a top priority with the PullGuard LeashMate. It includes an advanced Breakaway feature that automatically locks the leash in the event of sudden acceleration or pulling, preventing any sudden jerks or escapes. This ensures your dog stays secure and reduces the risk of accidents during walks.

    Is the PullGuard LeashMate comfortable for my dog to wear in all seasons?

    Yes, the PullGuard LeashMate is designed for all-season comfort. It features a breathable mesh lining that keeps your dog cool and comfortable during warm weather and provides sufficient insulation during cooler months. The adjustable shoulder and chest straps ensure a snug fit, enhancing overall comfort.

    Can the PullGuard LeashMate fit dogs of different sizes?

    Absolutely! The PullGuard LeashMate is available in multiple sizes and includes adjustable straps for a customizable fit. Whether you have a petite pup or a large breed like a Husky or Labrador, this harness can be adjusted to fit various body shapes and sizes, ensuring maximum comfort and security for your furry friend.