FlexiPaw Leashmate

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⚙️ Versatile & Durable, Hands-Free

⚙️ Automatic Release & Lock,  🌤️ All-Season Comfort


Quick and easy attachment in just 3 simple steps! Simply place the harness onto your dog, click both sides, and you are ready to go!

Getting the FlexiPaw Leashmate means saying goodbye to stressful and frustrating walks. Don't struggle, get the solution! This unique new design combines a dog harness and retractable leash all-in-one. The built-in safety system will automatically stop your dog from running into crowds powerfully and suddenly when you walk your dog. The leash will automatically retract into the module when you loosen it gently, freeing your hands and letting your dog enjoy the freedom.


Ensure a perfect fit for your furry friend with FlexiPaw's versatile size options!

  • Leash Length (inch): 52.36

  • Maximum Tensile Force: 90 kg (strong enough to pull a truck weighing 1 ton)

  • Harness Material: Nylon, composite waterproof fabric, double-layer elastic bonding, and sandwich mesh

  • Adjustment: 4 easily adjustable elastic belts around the body

  • Metal Belt Loops: 2 sturdy metal belt loops on the chest and back

  • Safety System: Automatic locking system based on mechanical principles of a car seat belt with damping devices to absorb tension and reduce amplitude

Key Features:

  • Quick and Easy Attachment: Place the harness on, click both sides, and you’re ready to go.
  • Built-in Safety System: Automatically stops your dog from running into crowds.
  • Retractable Leash: Automatically retracts when loosened, freeing your hands.
  • Safe Device System: Absorbs tension and reduces amplitude, ensuring a safe distance of 30 cm.
  • Adjustable Breathable Harness: Made from comfortable and durable materials, preventing skin damage and ensuring a perfect fit for growing dogs.
  • Anti-twist Design: Prevents twisting of the dog’s legs, maintaining leash tension and flexibility.
  • Pulling Test: Strong enough to handle significant force, ensuring durability and safety.

Experience stress-free walks with FlexiPaw Leashmate - the ultimate dog harness and retractable leash all-in-one!

Note: Please refer to the picture for accurate size.

Frequently asked questions

Will it fit my dog breed?

The FlexiPaw Leashmate Lead comes in three sizes: Medium, Large, and XL. Refer to the size chart for specific measurements. Each size is equipped with a tightening harness for easy adjustment, ensuring a comfortable fit for various dog breeds.

How long will FlexiPaw Leashmate last?

FlexiPaw Leashmate is designed with durable and strong materials, ensuring longevity. We are confident it will last you a lifetime of walks and adventures with your dog.

What should I do if my dog goes too far with FlexiPaw Leashmate on?

FlexiPaw Leashmate is equipped with an auto-lock system. If your dog extends the lead too far, simply give the lead a quick, hard pull to activate the auto-lock feature. This ensures your dog stays within a safe distance during walks.