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Présentation de l'ElectraBlend Juicy, un puissant presse-agrumes électrique de 45 watts connu pour son efficacité et son style. Avec une capacité de préparation de jus rapide en 20 secondes, un bruit minimal et une conception portable, ce presse-agrumes est parfait pour une utilisation en déplacement. Conçu pour les agrumes, il garantit un jus frais sans pépins, et son chargement USB-C ajoute de la commodité. Fabriqué en matériau ABS sans BPA, il est livré avec des pièces détachables pour un nettoyage facile. Votre achat comprend le presse-agrumes, un câble USB-C, une brosse de nettoyage, un manuel d'utilisation et une expérience de jus agréable.

Frequently asked questions

What sets the ElectraBlend Juicy apart from others on the market?

The ElectraBlend Juicy stands out due to its combination of good quality, aesthetics, and efficient performance. With a 45-watt motor, it can produce a cup of juice in just 20 seconds, all while operating quietly and without shaking or tipping.

Is the ElectraBlend Juicy portable?

Yes, the ElectraBlend Juicy features a portable design, allowing you to take it anywhere. It's compact enough to fit in your bag, and it utilizes USB-C technology for charging, making it convenient for use while you're outdoors or traveling.

What types of fruits can the ElectraBlend Juicy handle?

The ElectraBlend Juicy is suitable for all citrus fruits, including oranges, lemons, limes, and other organic citrus fruits with a diameter of up to 2.9 inches. This ensures you can enjoy seedless, fresh fruit juice at any time.

How easy is it to clean the ElectraBlend Juicy?

Cleaning the ElectraBlend Juicy is straightforward thanks to its detachable parts. It also comes with a brush to assist with cleaning. However, it's important to note that the electric main body should not be washed; only the detachable parts can be washed by hand.

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