LumiSpectra 3D

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Présentation du « écran de ventilateur holographique LumiSpectra 3D » ! Élevez vos événements avec des visuels holographiques fascinants, des téléchargements de contenu faciles et des options publicitaires flexibles. Démarquez-vous avec une image de marque personnalisée et profitez d'un service supérieur avec 1 an de remplacement des pièces et 3 ans d'assistance technique. Passez dès aujourd’hui à l’avenir de la publicité !

Frequently asked questions

Can it be used only for certain images or can you use it for anything?

Yes, you can upload your own images and videos via the SD card provided or through your laptop, allowing for versatile customization of the displayed content.

How loud is it?

Not loud at all. It operates quietly, comparable to a regular fan, ensuring minimal disturbance while enjoying the holographic visuals.

Can I touch it?

 Safety is paramount. While we advise against touching it, place it in a secure location to enjoy the displayed images and videos safely, akin to a poster. Avoid placing it near children under the age of 12-13 years old.

Can you use it like a TV?

No, it functions as a poster but enables the display of short videos as holograms, providing a unique visual experience. It's not intended to replace a traditional TV but rather to offer a creative way to showcase dynamic visuals.

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